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Not only is Prednisone one of the drugs most consistently prescribed to treat diseases involving inflammation, it also treats serious conditions like cancer. This site collected clear descriptions and explanations of Prednisone and its uses for your convenience.

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Why is Prednisone so popular?

Of all the drugs relying on steroids, Prednisone is the most effective both in treating a wide range of diseases, and in delivering real benefits. At lower dosages, it gives almost immediate relief for inflammatory conditions. At higher dosages, it is effective in reducing the growth and spread of tumors and, along with other drugs, is used in the treatment of some cancers.

Here is the list of disorders for which Prednisone is usually the recommended drug: allergic, collagen, dermatologic, edematous, endocrine, gastrointestinal, hematologic, neoplastic, opthalmic, respiratory, rheumatic.

Prednisone for treating skin conditions

healthy skinCorticosteroids come in a range of different formats with many being delivered as lotions, creams and salves. For many disorders, the use of these topical medications will produce quick results when rubbed on to the affected areas. However, sometimes, the appearance of a problem on the skin is the result of disfunction under the skin. In such cases, the use of Prednisone in pill form is the best route because it more directly treats the process in the body causing the problem.


I’ve been troubled with hives. When I saw my doctor, I’d had the hives already for about two days. She gave me Prednisone. It took two days for the hives to clear up. Now if I feel itchy or see blotches coming I take one pill and the skin clears up. My life is changed!

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Recent research on Prednisone

clinical trials In March 2010, scientists confirmed the continuing effectiveness of Prednisone in the treatment of hemangiomas — those strawberry birthmarks that often appear in early childhood. These marks are actually small tumors (not cancerous) that form when blood vessels fail to grow properly.

The research suggests a different avenue of exploration to find a treatment to change the genetic code delivered through stem cells. Until this research bears fruit, prednisone will remain one of the standard treatments.

It works by changing the way in which the blood vessels are arranged under the skin which either removes small marks or prevents the marks from growing any larger.



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